About Us

The most important assets of any schools are its faculties. These are persons who most influence the students through practical examples through instructions. It is the faculty who can be the best model in the purpose and philosophy of a school. America Huntington University has brought together a fine group of persons who are competent in their respective areas of instructions and well able to take on the responsibility of training people for the best services in the world. The balance among all aspects is a key word in describing the persons who make up the faculty of America Huntington University. First, there is a balance age and youth, between enthusiasm and experience. There is also a balance in academic ability and spiritual fervor, as well as, between quality of scholarship and a warm heart.


University Administration



Founder/President : Michael Lee, Ph. D.

Chief Executive Officer : Jong G. Lee, M. A.

Secretary : Choon H. Lee, M. A.

Chief Financial Officer : Angie Yi, Ph. D.


President : Michael Lee, Ph. D.

Vice President : Myung Soo Han, Ph. D.

Vice President : Sunny Kim, Ph. D.  .

Administrator : Edvan Zandt, Ph. D.
Dean of the Student Affairs : Ed Van Zandt, Ph. D.
Associate Dean of Distance Education : Won Dokko, Ph. D.
Disciplinary Committee Chair : Sang kook Nam, Th. D.
Controller & Committee : Ji Yong Jun, Ph. D.  
Admission/Registrar : David Moreno, Ph. D.
Director of Library : Eun Sook Lee, M. A.


Dean of Theology : Ed Van Zandt, Ph. D.
Associate Dean : Mike A. Gipson, Ph. D.
Dean of Mission : David Moreno, Ph. D.
Associate Dean : Won Dokko, Ph. D.
Dean of Counseling : Parviz Zarabi Ph. D.

Associate Dean : Sang kook Nam, Th. D.
Dean of Healing Missionary Education : Angie Yi, Ph. D.
Associate Dean : Curren Koretz, Ph. D.
Dean of Education : Edvan Zandt, Ph. D.
Associate Dean : Hussein Hornamand, Ph. D.
Dean of Christian Music : Mee Sun Kim, D.M.A.
Associate Dean : Sunny Kim, Ph. D.

Dean of Korea Education : Yeong Gil Kim, Th.D.

Dean of Worship Dance : Howard Lee, Ph. D.

Associate Dean : Juan Carlos lopez, Ph. D.

SCHOOL OF LAW : David Translator, J. D.
                        Brian Wanseuk Oh. J. D.

Professors and Faculty

• Michael Lee, Ph. D.   

Sunny Kim, Ph. D.  

• Edvan Zandt, Ph. D.

 Won Dokko, Ph. D.  

  Hussein Hornamand, Ph. D.      

 Angie Yi, Ph. D.

Ji Yong Jun, Ph. D.

Curren Koretz, Ph. D.
• Ed Van Zandt, Ph. D.

• Curren Koretz, Ph. D.

Young In Byun, Ph. D.

Juan Carlos lopez, Ph. D.

David Moreno, Ph. D.

• Tonya Scherer, Ph.D.

Mee Sun Kim, D. M. A.

• Parviz Zarabi Ph. D.

Yeong Gil Kim, Th.D.

 Hoo Yon Cho, Th. D.
• Mike A. Gipson, Ph. D.
• Edward VanZandt, Ph. D

 Min Suk Jeong , Th. D.
• John K. Lee, Ph. D.

• Kyeong Hee Jeon, Th. D.
• Dr. Anheui Kim

America Huntington University is interested in talented and qualified persons to pursue a career in Theology, Mission, Medicine, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Business Administration, Education, Social Welfare, and to achieve their full potential as mentors, teachers and scholars. Faculties employed by America Huntington University must demonstrate substantial competence and have valid official credentials in their areas of teaching responsibilities. Faculty is shown within specific programs, however, faculty may teach courses within other disciplines/ programs in areas of their expertise