Bachelor Course120 units $150.00 per unit

Total $18,000.00

Master Course 60 units 200.00 per unit

Total $12,000.00

Master of Divinity 96 units $200.00 per unit

Total $19,200.00

Doctoral Course 60 units $250.00 per unit

Doctoral Dissertation 8 units $900.00

Total $15,900.00


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General Fees


Application Fee $150.00 one time

Add/ Drop Course Fee $50.00 per course

Audit Fee $40.00 per unit

Comprehensive Examination Fee $200.00

Challenge examination $200.00 per course

Diploma Replacement Fee $150.00

Dissertation Fee $900.00(Doctoral Course)

Graduation Fee $300.00(Doctoral Course $550.00)

Institution Equivalency Report $275.00

Make-up Exam Fee $100.00 per exam

Registration Fee $100.00 per quarter

Late Registration Fee $150.00

Returned Check Service Charge $50.00

Transcripts Official $50.00 per copy

Transcripts Unofficial $50.00 per copy

Other Documentation $30.00

* Fee is non-refundable


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Payment Policy


All tuition and fees are payable during registration.


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America Huntington University awards a limited amount of tuition scholarship on a semester to semester basis to truly deserving students who meet the following qualifications:

• The student must be accepted for admission.

• The student must submit an application for scholarship

• The student must satisfy the scholarship requirements established by the Scholarship Committee of the university.

• The student must submit any additional documents requested by the Scholarship Committee required for assessing the student’s scholarship application.

• Apply at least two weeks prior to the beginning of any semester.

• Maintain the minimum Standards of Student Achievement.

Students that are admitted provisionally are not eligible for university scholarships. Further detail regarding America Huntington University’s scholarship programs and its requirements may be found at the administration office.

Following are some scholarships which have been established:

• Founder(CEO) Scholarship

• President's Scholarship

• Alumni Scholarship

• Academic Scholarship

• Senior Citizen Tuition Scholarship

• Spouse Tuition Scholarship


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America Huntington University is grateful for all donations towards research and teaching. We invite interested parties to contact us directly to discuss the various possibilities.

America Huntington University particularly encourages donations or monetary bequests towards Named Lectures and Scholarships. We recognize the significance of these gifts and believe that Lectures and Scholarships offer the most practical means of supporting cutting edge research initiatives from Life University’s programs.

Scholarships support the best and brightest of our research students and provides them with the opportunity to advance our knowledge. America Huntington University acknowledges the kind bequests and donations that support the following initiatives


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Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refund Policy


The University has and maintains a refund policy for the unused portion of tuition, fees and other charges in the event a student does not register for the period of attendance or withdraws or is discontinued there from at any time prior to completion of the course(s) in which the student enrolled, or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment.


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Refund Policy


Tuition refunds are made for withdrawal from a course(s) when an official Schedule Adjustment (Drop/ Add) Form is filed with the Registrar. Students may withdraw from a course and receive a full refund any time prior to the beginning of the course or during the first week of a semester. The date of withdrawal is certified as the date on which the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/ Add) Form is filed with the Registrar (not the date of the last class attended). Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students failing to properly withdraw from a course will not receive a refund.

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule minus any nonrefundable fees:

100%refund Friday 1st week

75%refund Friday 2nd week

50%refund Friday 3rd week

25%refund Friday 4th week

No Refunds after the 4th week


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Student Loans


Tuition and fees payments are due and payable by the first day of the semester. America Huntington University does not currently participate in federal and/or state financial aid programs, nor does the University provide loans to students to pay for the cost of an educational program. Loans obtained from outside sources are not under the purview of the university’ responsibility and/or authority. However, if a student obtains a loan from a private source, e.g., bank, credit union, loan company, the student has the personal responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus any interest that has accrued, less the amount of any refund.


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Estimate of Programs Cost


The cost of undertaking a specific program depends primarily on the total number of semester units of coursework a student takes to complete the program. This number is not fixed because it depends in turn on the number of units transferred into the Stanton University program, the number of units credited through assessment of prior learning, and credit received through credit-by-examination. The total charge for a period of attendance in a program and an estimated schedule of the total charge for an entire program should be considered as reference estimates only. The multiple of the total units in a program multiplied by the tuition per unit for a program or the number of units required to be taken in a particular program after deducting credited units, gives the program cost for that particular student only. This cost does not include fees.


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Self Monitoring Procedures


This America Huntington University including not only management members, professors, but also, all of staffs have been doing it's best to supply the best educations and trainings. And, to maintain the successful monitoring procedures, six(6) members of admissions Committee and Six(6) the members of Board of Directors are going to meet for the discussions about the current school affairs and the school development at every week, Monday, 10:00 A.M.

Also, Six (6) members of Board of Directors will have the stated period of meeting the last week of Fridays at August every month for the stated Board of Directors meeting for the purpose of the discussions about the management, financial and the interchange of personnel of America Huntington University.

Especially, in case of the financial management, America Huntington University is going to manage to report the financial management through CPA (Charles C. Jeong & Co, 3255 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1402, Los Angeles, CA 90010) and, furthermore, the University will be directly guided by School on a Disc(Educational Consulting Group, Dr. Jang Y. Kim) not only in field of the management but also another kinds of necessary fields.


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